Seeds of Resiliency

SEEDS OF RESILIENCY tells the powerful stories of twelve extraordinary individuals, including Holocaust survivors, the founder of MADD, a homeless alcoholic and a quadriplegic Korean professor. All refuse to lose hope even when there seems to be none, and go on to be leaders for others in times of need.

For this project, Marigold Media launched the film at the 2012 American Public Television Conference in Sanibel, FL. We worked closely with the producer to create a captivating clip that provided a very strong first impression for programmers watching the screening. We also created an eye-catching postcard that was distributed at the conference and mailed to stations afterwards.

As part of our station campaign, we brought on the design firm Gillen's Army to create materials for the DVD mailing as well as an online ad for Current Newspaper. Marigold is currently working to bring this powerful documentary to public television stations around the country.

  • Premiered on public television stations starting March 2013.
  • Produced by IronZeal Films. Presented by KPBS and distributed by American Public Television (APT).