Bitter Seeds

Biotechnology is changing the way farming is done all over the world. Advocates believe the New Green Revolution is the only way to provide sufficient food for the world’s growing population while opponents raise environmental concerns and fear that GMOs drive small-scale farmers off the land. BITTER SEEDS explores the controversy - - from a village in India that uses genetically modified seeds to the U.S. government that promote them.

BITTER SEEDS is the final film in Micha X. Peled’s Globalization Trilogy, following Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town and China Blue. The films have won 18 international awards, aired on over 30 television channels and screened in more than 100 film festivals. They also connected viewers to NGO action campaigns and encouraged Western consumers to understand their impact on the rest of the world.

Marigold Media was brought on by Relevant Pictures to help coordinate a national carriage campaign and to bring this important film to public television stations around the country.

  • Premiered nationally on public television stations starting March 2013.
  • Produced by Teddy Bear Films & ITVS and distributed by National Educational Telecommunications Association