In the late 1970s, the quiet town of Skokie had the largest per capita population of Holocaust survivors of anywhere outside of Israel. When a small group of neo-Nazis threatened to march down their streets, the residents of Skokie were anything but quiet, sparking contentious freedom of speech cases that ultimately reached the United States Supreme Court.

SKOKIE: INVADED BUT NOT CONQUERED is a compelling look at a dark chapter in American history, with implications that reached far beyond this Chicago suburb.

WTTW National Productions had Marigold Media Group lead the station relations campaign for this powerful film. We positioned the film as a perfect fit for Holocaust Remembrance in April as well as Jewish Heritage Month in May.

  • Premieres on public television in April 2014 (check your local listings).
  • Produced by the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center. Presented by WTTW and distributed by American Public Television (APT).