Marigold Media Group Services

Consultation and Strategic Planning
Marigold can help you navigate the various distribution options available to public television producers, including PBS, American Public Television (APT) and NETA. If you are in need of fundraising help, Marigold can lead you to professionals in the industry who help you succeed with these efforts.

We provide strategies for the best time to launch your project as well as ways to boost your film to give it the best possible chance and exposure.

Project Management
When you have complex projects, Marigold provides focus and careful attention to detail to bring projects and people together quickly.

Marigold has also established great partnerships with other companies (including Relevant Pictures, Gillen’s Army, CaraMar PR, and more) to deliver the best possible services for station relations, graphics and design and PR, and has provided these to various clients in the past. By building partnerships with other companies, Marigold can bring a broad base of expertise to your project and individualize services to fulfill each project’s set of needs.

Promotion Campaigns
Marigold manages thoughtful, engaging campaigns that generate excitement and results. We will work with you to craft a personalized campaign that captures the true essence of your film and is mindful of your budget. From the creation of eye-catching materials, social media strategies and outreach events, Marigold keeps your project front and center with its audience.

Station Relations
Now that you’ve spent years of your life, not to mention a few gray hairs, to finish your film, you want as many people as possible to see it. Marigold makes sure that your film is seen by the decision makers and works with them to achieve optimal placement. With hundreds of films in front of stations and with dwindling space available in their schedules, it is critical to have an advocate that can speak on behalf of your life’s work.

Event Planning
Whether you are holding a screening, panel discussion, lunch or cocktail reception for your film, Marigold can help you plan and produce a memorable gathering.

Clear and to the point, Marigold provides press releases, copywriting, and research material to support and promote your film or project.
Nimmi Singh is the founder of Marigold Media Group. As a public television devotee since childhood, Nimmi counts herself extremely lucky to have spent her entire career doing what she loves. She co-founded PoGo Promotions in 2006 and established herself and company as an industry leader. Before that, she was the National Promotion Senior Manager at Oregon Public Broadcasting for six years. She graduated Boston University with a degree in Broadcast and Film and headed to the West Coast. When she is not working, Nimmi is an avid tennis player, cook and traveler. A recent trip to Paris left her even more inspired to live creatively and see more of the world (and find and eat the best macarons). She also loves dancing to her favorite DJs spinning Bollywood and Bhangra tunes. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon (no, she still does not like the rain and yes, she watches Portlandia).

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