Painting The Town With Eric Dowdle

Follow charismatic host, Eric Dowdle, as he travels to destinations all over North America to unearth the essence of what makes a place unique -- an experience he then captures in one of his signature paintings. Eric is one of America's most renowned folk artists and an avid traveler. In each location, Eric meets the local people, hears their stories, samples the food and culture, and uncovers hidden treasures, fun facts and little known pieces of history.

Each episode culminates in the creation of a stunning work of folk art featuring the highlights of Eric's journey and all the real-life individuals he has met along the way (each of whom appear somewhere on the canvas). PAINTING THE TOWN combines travel, history, storytelling, art and an element of spontaneous detective work that always reveals a few surprises along the way.

Marigold Media Group launched the station relations campaign for this series with a stunning lunch event and booth at the APT Fall Marketplace in San Diego in November 2014. Our activities also include assisting in the creation of promotion materials (including postcards and an online ad with and securing broadcasts for the new series with public television stations around the country.

  • Season One (13X30) premiered on public television starting April 4, 2015 (check local listings).
  • Produced by Cosmic Pictures and distributed by American Public Television (APT).