Reaching West: Dreams of China’s New Generation

Reaching West: Dreams of China’s New Generation provides a fascinating glimpse at teenage life in China. The one-hour film follows a handful of students throughout their final year of high school in China as they apply to schools in America and the U.K. Amidst the pressures of interviews, exams and essays -- these students, like most teenagers, are also trying to live in the moment. Dating, gossip and Taylor Swift are just as much a part of their lives as studying for the SATs.

The students featured in the film are not alone. A 2014 New York Times article reported that colleges in the U.S. in 2013-2014 enrolled a record number of 886,052 foreign students, with Chinese students accounting for almost 60 percent of the foreign-student growth at American colleges.
Marigold Media Group is proud to bring this captivating film to public television stations around the country.

  • Premieres on public televisions starting October 2, 2016 (check local listings).
  • Produced by Jonathan Diamond Associates and distributed by American Public Television (APT).